SMC Networks USB Ethernet Adapter



  • Hot swappable and Plug and Play supportable
  • Solid all-in-one design with no moving part to break
  • No cables to tangle
  • USB specification for 1.0 and 1.1
  • Low power consumption for minimal impact on units


The SMC2208USB/ETH is a high-speed USB 2.0 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter that represents the easiest way to connect your computer to an Ethernet-based network. Based on USB 2.0, the SMC2208USB/ETH extends the transfer speed of earlier USB Fast Ethernet adapters to true 10/100Mbps connectivity. It also eliminates the need to use an ISA, PCI, or PC Card slot to add LAN connectivity to a PC desktop or notebook computer. Installation and use are simplified with USB’s out-of-the-box installation for connecting computer peripherals, without having to open the case of your computer or set IRQs. It provides a standard RJ-45 connector for a quick and simple method of connecting to an Ethernet 10 Mbps or Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps LAN. The built-in USB 2.0 cable connects directly to your computer. Power for the SMC2208USB/ETH is provided directly by the USB bus, eliminating the need for an external power adapter. The SMC2208USB/ETH also supports USB’s energy-saving suspend-and-resume functions to minimize power consumption, which is especially useful for notebook users.